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Handyman Jobs

Have a small task that needs doing? Don’t be frightened off because we make high quality bespoke joinery. All joinery needs to be fitted, installed and later on maybe repaired or adjusted - we are just as adept at these types of jobs as the more highly skilled joinery and construction projects.

At Windyridge we are just as happy to take on simple ‘handyman’ type carpentry jobs, particularly if local to Canterbury & Faversham. It may jut be a couple of hours sorting a woodwork related problem or maybe a couple of days sorting out a range of long ignored issues or something more significant.

These types of projects include:

  • Adjusting swollen doors
  • Adjusting tight (or loose) wooden windows
  • Resin repairs for rotten exterior woodwork
  • All types of repair
  • Replacing / repairing broken bannisters
  • Re-laying floors where gaps have emerged
  • Fitting new hardware to doors and windows
  • and many more….

If you have a woodwork related problem and you’re reasonably local, just give us a call or drop us an email. You will get an honest assessment of the problem and a quick idea of cost and timescales. if we can’t help we will say so and maybe even recommend a better person for the job.